So then he is an extremely busy man or is she a woman? He is responsible for all the sins and shortcomings of men innit? He is the one responsible for the death of a wife at the hands of her husband who believed a photoshopped picture of his wife with another man and shot her. The devil gets the blame not the man who discovered the technology of editing and fixing pictures. Not the husband who ended another’s life because he was made to believe that that other person preferred someone else.

A man gets caught stealing from the neighbour and he expects people to call the devil to order. If he has his way, he should be left alone while his accusers go in search of the devil because ‘‘it is the devil’s handiwork’’. The devil is the cause of a multiple accident practically caused by the obstruction of traffic by the police and faulty brakes that must been due to negligence on the part of the driver who had no choice but to yield the steering to the devil. Who do you blame for the death of scores of the victims? Since the devil gets the blame again, where do we find the devil? Since s/he still remains elusive, we might as well live on and wait for the day s/he shows her/himself up.

I have been thinking of the devil lately and I have decided to go after him. Why would he cause another house to come down killing pregnant women and children? Or could we lay the blame on the house owner who chose weak and adulterated materials for the construction of the house in the first place? How can we when the devil is still on the run from the scene of the crime?

A student chooses the club house as a prep class rather than a classroom. He fails and he blames the devil. I imagine the devil’s fault here. Is it for forcing the boy away from his books or from forcing the books away from his reach?

He is supposed to be the accuser but for deceiving Eve to eat of the famed apple, it has since been the most accused thing in history. When it finally shows up again, it will be facing charges in all the countries of the world especially Africa where it is responsible for bad governance, corruption and underdevelopment. Who gets to try him first? Okay, may be countries try her alphabetically. He is known to change forms so don’t mind my use of multiple pronouns that seem to portray him as male, female and even as a thing.

May be he will stop the crimes if she gets a blanket pardon. I doubt that because before that pardon is pronounced, it can be trusted to be causing another mayhem somewhere in the Congo causing men to go to war against their brothers.

My not-so-smart self stopped to blame the devil several years ago when I discovered he was the cause of the woes of others. I did not want to believe he had all the time and ability in the world to cause them pain and failures and also restrict me at the same time. I started to ‘‘put the blame on me’’ like Akon even though I did not need a song to prove my responsibility. How can I blame something I have never seen for the things I the seen ought to be responsible for? I have since discovered something over the years. Those who blame the devil have a habit of consistency at failing at almost everything. By those I mean even countries and institutions that transfer their responsibilities to unseen forces and instead of fixing their problems expect another unseen phenomenon – say God – to come right the wrong.

Conduct a mini or even major research and you’d find that, those for whom the devil is to blame for their woes remain at the base level of life, while those who have come to realise the making of their times and life is the result of how well they spent their thoughts and effort live at the cooler part of the life ladder – the top.

That is not to say we should stop our search for the devil because I believe investigations are still on-going and when he finally gets convicted we will realise the bulk of men get to go with him to the dungeon because even if the devil gets the blame and is convicted for all it has been accused of over the centuries, imagine the number of men that also suffer her fate for being accomplices in the uncountable crimes committed by the devil.
Anyway, since we can’t see the devil still, I think we will not be unjust to pick up all the other guilty parties. All of those who have allowed themselves to be used by the so-called devil are as guilty as the devil. If that is the case, we will need hotels, hostels and indeed football fields as prisons because many-a-men will go to jail instead of the devil or for being willing accomplices. Still, the devil remains wanted for all these heinous crimes.

Stop the search though because the devil is right here. He finds expression in the thoughts and acts of men. He is not as real as the imaginations of men make him and the real reality is that men ought to know that the making of their lives lies in their minds and their heart. If I love an unthinking, unimaginative and a weak mind, then I might as well declare my love for the devil because such are worse than this seemingly hardworking devil. They get nothing done while he the devil despite being an empty space gets all the blame.

Devil my foot! Even that may be right because I grew up hearing he lives beneath the ground, so the harder you match the ground the harder the kicks he gets. Watch out for your knees though because you might just be hurting yourself and you alone can feel the pain. The devil does not feel. He is beneath the ground remember – and everything beneath remains buried. Most buried things are dead, non-living or too microscopic to travel the world causing men to fail. So then, who is the devil? And when did he die? Now he gets the blame because he is too dead to defend himself.


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