INTRODUCTION: ordinarily there wouldn’t have been any need for this write up to be in two part,but I wanted it to come after the elections result has been announced.,I decided to write the PREAMBLE which I called the first part so as to create the necessary buzz….and now we are here for the real talk…..
NOTE:all what ill be writing here are strictly my own views,you might differ.

The election is over,WINNER known and LOOSERS announced,if there’s anybody who’s gonna head for the TRIBUNAL,well I’d say goodluck to them. but for me the people have spoken,now they (ACN) can see that ONDO STATE people aren’t as daft as they had mistakenly thought,lemme remind you in case you forgot that the ACN candidate AKEREDOLU doesn’t even know or thinks of been a governor(he was registered at IBADAN)even as at January this year,until he was unleashed on the party and indirectly he was imposed on the people of ONDO STATE,yet they want our VOTE….ordinarily Akeredolu is a gentle man with great personality but I must say he’s got no ambition,no Focus more importantly he never talked about a more tangible POLICY,all he was saying was that the present administration isn’t good enough,then why don’t you just say what you’d do differently?He doesn’t want to be Governor,BAT0s wants him as governor just to have access to our RESOURCES.

All said and done,they came here saying all sorts of things,all they want to do is CAPTURE ONDO STATE,they said we don’t need MEGASCHOOLS,we don’t need the MORDERN MARKETS,ABIYE shouldn’t have been for US yet they want our VOTES……..funny isn’t it?But like BONARPARTE of yore TINUBU met his waterloo here in ONDO STATE,ONDO STATE people decided to vote for performance not sentiments,not POLItICAL affiliations,we refused to be broken…we refused this BONDAGE all in the name of INTEGRATION………………………………………………………

I hope the states under ACN are leaning now,there eyes should be open now

Here in ONDO STATE we’ve said NO to GODFATHERISM…………WE demystyfied TINUBU,and they are licking there wounds right now…….YES THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END

A convo between me and a friend

Me:QUESTION OF THE DAY: How did it happen that even the PDP did better than Bola Tinubu’s ACN?
Friend:because Asiwaju Party of Nigeria is not a registered company in Ondo state” I like this



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