PREAMBLE This is a very good time for us to think,reminisce and even visualise…what’s gonna be our place in Nigeria’s political history,are we a different people?what’s our orientation?so many questions we are going to be answering tomorrow (20thoct2012)………I’m not afraid cos I know and I can see the majority of our people have seen the light.

Don’t get me wrong,in my own view,I might have been a little hard on the opposition parties,yes I might have been very partisan,but I am partisan because of some reasons 1.the opposition are not coming with there own blueprint 2.they keep saying the policies of the present govt is not good,but they aren’t telling/offering there own alternative/alternatives.

There candidate is not a registered in Ondo state,we all knew how he became candidate in the first place,huh!God fatherism at its peak……


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